At my school my class has just got back from our school camp. We went to Lake Rotoiti and had so much fun with all of the staff members while participating in the activities.

My favourite of the activities was the Flying Kiwi because of mainly the view if the lake but also how fast you are flung into the air.

Lots of photos and videos were taken at camp but the best one was the video of our teacher falling into a stream on the hike to whiskey falls, here is the video.

If you are looking for a family holiday, please consider going to Lake Rotoiti.

(P.S Our teacher is in the top right corner)


In my school I have made it into one of the school bands. We practice the songs that we play on thurday mornings at 8:00 am. The songs that we play are #1 Cool Kids by Echosmith #2 Time Of Your Life by Green Day #3 Wonderwall by Oasis. Recently our school has had our own little Battle Of The Bands to see what band would go into the real Battle Of The Bands and believe it or not, MY BAND CAME FIRST!! That means that we will be going ahead to compete in the Battle Of The Bands on November the 8th ( Which is lucky because I am going to America on November the 11th ). In my band we have three guitarists, three singers, one bass guitarist and one drummer ( ME! ).


I would appreciate it if you all could support me and my band and comment in the section down below.


How to deal with mean people

This is a post about how to deal with mean people in my opinion.

#1 Tell them that they are being mean.

They may not listen but at least they got a warning.

#2 Call the police.

If the police don’t do anything then you are going to have to deal with it yourself.


Yes it is kind of extreme and you will go to jail but at least they won’t be mean to you again, right.




Do NOT take this post seriously, the things that I have written here are meant to be funny. If you want more of this kind of posts then type a comment saying so.


My Top 5 Songs

#1 Blur – Song 2

#2 Fall Out Boy – The Phoenix

#3 Fall Out Boy – Centuries

#4 Eminem – Rap God

#5 Eminem – I’m Not Afraid


In the comment section please post your 5 favourite songs if you liked this post.